Liz Neary –Senior Brand Manager

Liz is a seasoned sales professional who thrives at communication and problem solving. She’s a pro at nurturing relationships with clients and suppliers, growing connections built on trust and reliability. Her favorite part of the job is leveraging her creativity to make her clients shine. She’s been married for nearly 30 years to the cute guy she met at a bar in Hoboken after college, and they have two grown children. (But the most-loved members of the family are their rescue dogs.) Outside of work, you can find Liz golfing, spending summers at Lake George or cheering on her alma mater, Penn State.

WHAT I THOUGHT I WOULD BE WHEN I GREW UP: A high school English teacher.
ON THE WEEKENDS, YOU CAN FIND ME: Golfing and being an outdoor enthusiast.
MY FAVORITE PEOPLE CALL ME: Mom, Elizabeth and Libby. And call me often!